About Us

At the crossroads of Union Street and Prospect Park West stands Prospect Park Residence, a grand nine story residence located within walking distance of the Brooklyn Public Library, Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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Our Location

Our location is one of the things that make us truly unique. As our name suggests, we are located directly across the street from Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza in the beautiful Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

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Our Building

We provide the finest in senior living. Our charming setting features several styles of spacious pre-War apartments to choose from with luxury amenities throughout and 24-hour staff.

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How Do I Clean My Fireplace? Benefits Of Professional Cleaning

Getting a warm and cozy home is the dream of every homeowner especially during the cold winter months when the temperature drops to a minimum and it becomes difficult to deal with the harsh and chilly winter season. But if you have a fireplace in your home, it will help you to keep your home warm even in the coldest of winter days but for the efficient and safe functioning of the fireplace, you need to make sure that the fireplace is completely clean and tidy. Hence you will need to know the cleaning tips if you are wondering how do I clean my fireplace? This is the best way of enjoying even extreme weather conditions outside with a comfortable indoor temperature that can be achieved when you have an efficient fireplace.

 How do I clean my fireplace?

Know the benefits 

The most important benefit of cleaning your fireplace is that it helps in eliminating the soot and dust accumulation in your home so that you will not have to worry about any damaged caused in your home because of the charcoal burning in the fireplace. Moreover cleaning is very essential as it helps in reducing the risks of fire accidents that might take place when the fireplace is not clean and maintained on a regular basis. Therefore you should always make sure that the fireplace of your home is inspected and cleaned regularly if you want to enjoy a comfortable winter season.

The task of cleaning the fireplace should be left for the professionals who will visit your home and carry on the cleaning work so that you can get the desired results within a short span of time.   The professionals that you hire for fireplace cleaning should be-  -Experienced  -Trained  -Skilled  -Certified  -Knowledgeable  -Licensed   -Certified

Reasons to get your fireplace cleaned professionally   

When you leave this task to the professionals, you can rest assured that you will get the highest quality of cleaning job without the need of worrying about injuries and accidents. When the professionals will inspect your fireplace, it will become easier for you to know the kind of cleaning that you want for the fireplace and the chimney. The experience and skills of these professionals will help you to get a professionally cleaned fireplace where there are no risks of fire caused due to the soot and dust accumulated on the chimney.

The professionals will also have the required kind of tools and equipment like the Best hot ash vacuum cleaner that will help in the cleaning process so that you will get the desired outcome with the help of these professional cleaners. They do not use any chemical based products so that there is no harm to the environment and you will enjoy a comfortable winter when your fireplace is cleaned professionally for getting the desired temperature inside your home. The professionals will clean the debris from the fireplace and chimney as it will help in the deep cleaning of the fireplace which is very important for its proper functioning.