About Us

At the crossroads of Union Street and Prospect Park West stands Prospect Park Residence, a grand nine story residence located within walking distance of the Brooklyn Public Library, Botanic Garden and Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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Our Location

Our location is one of the things that make us truly unique. As our name suggests, we are located directly across the street from Prospect Park at Grand Army Plaza in the beautiful Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

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Our Building

We provide the finest in senior living. Our charming setting features several styles of spacious pre-War apartments to choose from with luxury amenities throughout and 24-hour staff.

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A Quick Guide To Tell if Your House Has Water Damage

Whether you are selling a house or buying a house, it is necessary for you to identify the major symptoms of water damage. It is important for you to understand that water can not only cause large scale damage to the floors and walls of the house but it can also be the cause of toxic mould growth and permanent structural damage to the house. it is something that can be caused due to floods, leakages, ice dams, overflowing sources of water, leaky appliances and water accumulation in the basement. Despite the fact that water damage may exist almost anywhere within the home, there are some important high-risk regions of the home that need to be checked first. It is always a good idea to take the services of companies dealing in water damage Dallas TX in order to get rid of all sorts of water damages. By in identifying the major symptoms of water damage in the house, you can take action before the hidden water damage causes any serious problems. So, how to tell if the house has water damage? The answers lie below:

Check all the Walls of the House

One of the easiest methods of checking for water damage in the house is spotting the stains of water on the ceilings and the walls. It is also important for you to check for water stains around the door and the window frames. If you find any unusual water stains at these places, take them seriously because they might be a major sign of a leaky drain or pipe inside the wall. It is also important for you to look out for cracks in drywall. Walls that are exposed to water are generally very soft and they have a swollen appearance.

Check Floors

Water damage to the flooring can seep down to the subfloor causing large scale damage. It is necessary for you to check for any buckling or warping of the floors and this goes specially for the basement. In case the floors look warped, large-scale water damage m would be the cause. At the same time, you must also remain aware of dark and white stains on damp carpeting, wood floors and the general smell of mould and dampness.

Check all the Pipes

Try inspecting the pipes in the bathrooms, kitchen, basement and laundry room for corrosion especially near the pipe connections. You must also check the pipes for water stains and leaks. Also, try checking the caulking near the bathroom fixtures. Loose or missing caulking can be the result of water damage. It is essential for you to look out for the signs of mould and missing grout as well. Check the rust on the tank and the water heater for any wet areas on the floor.

Investigate the Basement

Checking the basement is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to tell if your house has water damage. Basement leakages are common problems in homes. Water in the basement might cause great damage to the walls, baseboards, furniture and flooring. In addition to this, odours which are a result of mildew and mould can be very unpleasant and they might even result in different health issues. Check for stains, cracks, dampness, odours, mould and rust.

Is the Purple Mattress Really as Good as it Sounds?

If you go through a genuine review of Purple mattress, it will help you in understanding that a Purple mattress is a very comfortable and attractive mattress that provides you with a wide assortment of benefits and features. It is also affordable and the exclusive structure of this mattress contributes to a comfortable and relaxed sleep every night. Reviews of the Purple mattress available throughout the internet put in detailed light on the fact that the Purple mattress is definitely as good as it sounds. With its state-of-the-art, hypo-polymer material and its unique and innovative firmness, the Purple mattress has been very successful in making its way up the charts in the form of a contouring, comfortable and conforming mattress. There are a number of reasons that supports the fact that the Purple mattress is really as good as it sounds.

A Mattress that Works According to the User

The Purple mattress offers consumers the most handcrafted and affordable solution for night time sleep. The mattress comes with great features and a blend of foam and hyper-elastic polymer structure and composition. It offers a very satisfying medium-firm feeling and its exclusive polymer web design keeps the sleeping surface cool. Dissimilar to the traditional foam mattresses available throughout the market, the Purple mattress features a rounded contour delivering a bounce and a feel that is quite responsive. One of the greatest benefits of this mattress is that it is perfect for spinal alignment irrespective of the fact that whether the user is a side sleeper or a back sleeper. This is because it is firm wherever needed and at the same time soft again wherever needed.

Great Firmness Offered

The Purple mattress comes with a very exclusive firmness and a feel that is completely out of the world. The firmness rating for the mattress is 6.5 out of 10 as per industry experts. This perfect firmness rating and the innovative design of the mattress makes it one of the best mattresses for varied sleeping requirements of the users. Users can remain sure of getting the best firm and soft feel with the exclusive smart grid design of the Purple mattress. The top layer of the mattress dissipates pressure very easily between the body and the mattress and therefore offers perfect support to the spine while an individual sleeps.

Multi-Layered Mattress

The fact that the Purple mattress is a multi-layered mattress proves the point that it is as good as it sounds. It is a conforming mattress that contours and molds to the body very easily. The mattress is 9.5 inches thick and features three layers of hyper-elastic polymer and foam materials. The top layer of the mattress delivers comfort and cooling and it is made up of 2 inches of hyper-elastic polymer materials. The middle layer of the mattress contains 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam and it offers transitional support. The bottom or the third layer of the mattress consists of 4 inches of dense polyurethane foam offering a very solid base to the mattress.

The Bottom Line

So, if you are considering buying a Purple mattress, it would definitely not be a bad deal for you.

How Water Damage Can Affect Your Home If Left Untreated

If your place has been flooded, you need to immediately hire a water damage restoration expert and get rid of all the water, the moisture and ensure impeccable restoration of your property. Many property owners who have had to endure water damage in Pasadena have been prompt to react but they have often stopped short of restoration. Stopping further water damage and getting rid of the standing water are the first steps. Fixing whatever was the cause of the leak or the broken appliance is the obvious remedy. You need to see beyond the immediate water damage.



There are two types of water damage. The first is primary water damage, which is what you see. From flooded floors to wet mattresses, malfunctioning appliances to dripping furniture. The other is secondary water damage. This is the kind of damage you don’t spot easily. Many people wouldn’t be able to identify signs of secondary water damage, especially if you live near the coast, such as water damage Longbeach. The moisture in your property, the increase in humidity, concealed damages caused by the standing or pooled water and indirect damages will cost you a fortune if you don’t treat them immediately.


Let us factor in two common fallouts of water damage in Pasadena. One is mold growth and the other is microbial infestation. Mold is damaging, not just for the property but also for the health of whoever is exposed to it. Moisture is also a harbinger of life for microbes, from fungi to bacteria, viruses to the less dangerous pests and insects. You must ensure that your property is not infested by bugs, is not a thriving ground for bacterial and fungal growth or any other microbe for that matter.



Humidity in your home will affect your health and will also cause reparable or irreparable damage to your possessions. You need to dehumidify your property after it has suffered water damage in Pasadena. High humidity will cause damage to furniture, electronic appliances and will also cause respiratory problems in confined spaces when you have the heater or air conditioner on. Flu spreads faster in humid conditions. It is easy to infer how and why secondary water damage in Pasadena must be treated or you would be exposing your loved ones and your possessions to unnecessary risks of ailments and damage respectively. It is necessary that you attend to primary and secondary water damage in Pasadena at the same time. Don’t let the problems fester for a while before you respond.


Affordable home remodeling tips

We understand that remodeling your home is really important to you especially if you have moved to an old house or you’ve spent years in the same house. Remodeling and improving the look of your home is a tremendous thought.

But selling the old equipment and buying the new one often costs a lot of money which everybody can’t afford. You may have to pay thousands of dollars for a new set of kitchen cabinets. Also, you’ll have to pay thousands of more dollars for the new bath vanities, countertops and hardwood floors.

You might have become disappointed with the idea of remodeling your home due to these expensive solutions, as finding affordable remodel jobs is becoming harder and harder. But the wait is over, we have brought a bunch of creative ideas that will help you remodel your home at an affordable price.

And believe it or not, these ideas will help you add a stunning look to your home. Here are the tips to remodel your home at affordable prices:

Put in New Switch Plate Covers: –

These are the spreads on light switches and electrical outlets. An essential white take care of will expense about $1 each at real home change retailers, and they’re anything but difficult to introduce.

Another, perfect white cover will look significantly more pleasant than that old, yellowing spread you had. For included oomph in the kitchen, attempt stainless steel covers. You can likewise chase for designed and beautiful spreads on the web.

On the other hand, Paint Your Ceiling a New, Fresh Color: –

A few people are trying different things with delicate nonpartisan hues on the dividers and an intense shading on the roof, similar to white dividers with a splendid yellow roof, or light beige dividers with an eggplant/purple roof. In the event that striking is your style, take the plunge.

Change Little Things You Never Think About: –

Your kitchen floor coverings, shower carpets, corridor runner, and your doormat are impeccable applicants.

You can even change to another shower drape or purchase another washroom set. Envision you’re moving into a place surprisingly and possess nothing. What might you change?

Cover Your Furniture with a Slipcover or Fabric: –

Modifying insufficient? Including some enlivening with slipcovers or texture will give furniture another shading or example, and this is another thing that can add to the subject of your home.

Change Your Lampshades: –

This is an apparently little detail that can possibly have a HUGE effect. On the off chance that you begin rolling out little improvements like this, attempt and think about a subject to work off of so everything in your home looks durable.

Change Your Doorknobs, Handles, and Hinges: –

These are modest completing touches that have a tremendous effect, and the establishment is speedy and simple. Similarly, you can likewise purchase new equipment for the cupboards in your home.

We bet that these affordable home remodeling tips will help you add a stunning look to your home that will make you feel comfortable.

Most common issues that indicate towards roof repair

Despite the fact that a rooftop framework can endure a large number of issues, beneath are the most well-known rooftop part issues a rooftop is powerless to. These basic rooftop issues are likewise sensibly simple to recognize and repair all alone.

If you don’t mind recall however that on the off chance that you are awkward getting to your rooftop securely or feel that this kind of work is past your ability set contact an expert material contractual worker.


Fascia is a building term for a band running on a level plane and arranged vertically under a rooftop edge. In less complex terms, it’s a rooftop trim – or the front board along with your rooftop line.

It normally comprises of wooden sheets or sheet metal. Along these lines, picture the vertical completing edge that associates with the finishes of rafters, trusses and the range where the canal appends to the rooftop.

The essential capacity of Fascia is to secure by going about as a layer between the edge of the rooftop and the components of the outside – particularly water. It likewise shields the inside of your working from climate harm by obstructing its passage into the structure.

Belt likewise assumes a tasteful part, making a smooth, even appearance for the edge of a rooftop.

Dampness is the main source of issues with your belt so make sure to search for indications of spoil or harm and contact a material contractual worker instantly in the event that you see an issue.


Soffit originates from the French word for “shaped as a roof” and the Latin expression for “to settle underneath”.

Could you think about where your soffit is? The uncovered surface underneath the overhanging segment of a rooftop eave or the completed surface beneath the belt and rafters is known as the soffit.


Flashings are segments used to seal rooftop framework edges, borders, infiltrations, dividers, valleys, channels and whatever other zones where the real rooftop covering is hindered or ended.

The essential capacity of blazing is to help seal any voids in the rooftop framework where water may enter making these prime territories for break causes if not checked consistently.


Gutters are intended to keep water far from your building’s establishment and to ensure the auxiliary uprightness.

It is basic to keep your drains doing their employment legitimately as they are profoundly vulnerable to water and flotsam and jetsam development bringing on shape and mold under your rooftop.


Shingles rooftop frameworks offer awesome assurance, however, are inclined to staining and twisting. Territories of absent or broken shingles can leave basic wood vulnerable to decaying, openings and other harm.

They can likewise clasp in the event that they were not satisfactorily ventilated amid establishment.

Staining means that a rooftop break and little spot can develop into a vast opening in your roof. Twisting is brought on by an absence of ventilation, high nails or disgracefully introduced latches.

They look unattractive and are an open welcome for water drainage. Check your rooftop frequently and make repairs or supplant shingles as vital.


Visit this website for more simple tips on how to do roofing repairs. And check out this Texas Area Roofer if you happen to live in the Austin area.

How to Choose the Best Limo for Your Trip

The Most important thing is to choose the right vehicle for your needs after choosing the right chauffeur service. Most administrations offer an assortment of alternatives in their armadas, every one appropriate for various events.

The trap is choosing the vehicle that fits your particular circumstance. Beneath, we offer a few rules on what purposes diverse sorts of vehicles can serve.

If you happen to live in California, check out this limo service to discover the Napa Wine Valley.

Executive Van:


Going with a bigger gathering? Executive vans can have the ability to situate up to 10 travellers. Outfitted with high-back leaning back chief’s seats, official vans are extraordinary when voyaging longer separations.

Pick the Executive van for a gathering business trip or bigger gathering excursion.


Sedans are the standard alternative in many armadas. They are ideal for when you are voyaging alone, or for gatherings of 3 or less. They’re sufficiently little to not feel peculiarly enormous when you ride solo, but rather still sufficiently open that notwithstanding when all seats are filled, everybody has enough legroom.

Pick the vehicle for: Business go to and from air terminals, inns, gatherings, meetings, and eateries.

Luxury Van:

The luxury van is like the executive van, in that it situates up to 11 individuals, however, it offers higher-end inside subtle elements. Ideal for “wowing” your VIP visitors.

Pick the Luxury van for transporting your gathering – maybe partners or customers – around town in style and solace.


SUVs are the ideal decision for gatherings voyaging together. Falcon’s SUVs, for instance, can situate up to six travellers. SUVs likewise perform well in the severe climate, because of the additional footing of 4-wheel drive.

Pick the SUV for a gathering trip with companions or partners, and littler gathering airplane terminal transportation.

Limo Bus:

Try a Limo Bus at the point when your gathering is too huge for a limo. These transports can situate 14-16 individuals and brag security window ornaments, different projection TVs with DVDs/VCRs, and wet bar refreshment zones.

Pick the limo transport for an awesome experience; the limo transport is an occasion all by itself.

Black Limousine:

Accessible in 6-, 8-, or 10-traveler models, exemplary limousines are extraordinary for gatherings of individuals flying out to or from uncommon events. Limos offer protection allotments, neon fibre optic lighting, and complimentary pop and snacks, making an emanation of recreation and extravagance.

Pick the limousine for weddings, parties, formal occasions and different festivals when you and your gathering need to touch base in style.

Luxury Motorcoach:

Voyaging long separation with a huge gathering? The luxury motorcoach seats 57 travellers. For most extreme solace and accommodation, luxury motorcoach offer restrooms, hassocks, window shades, wi-fi associations, AC outlets, and overhead package racks.

Pick the extravagance engine mentor for transporting your whole staff to your yearly office withdraw or occasion party.

Whatever your needs, your escort administration ought to have a vehicle in their armada to suit you. The correct vehicle for the correct occasion can have a significant effect: utilize these tips to settle on the correct decision, or connect with your driver administrations delegate to guarantee your ride is immaculate all around.