Different types of picking carts

The existence of picking carts in a blessing for many employers as the work of the employees becomes a lot easier because of these carts, due to the presence of these carts; the employees get to save a huge amount of time and energy. Therefore, their productivity increases. There are many types of picking carts available these days. Below are few of the different types of picking carts available these days:. You can easily order picking carts various sites.

Kitting carts

Kitting carts are one of the most essential aspects of using the kitting areas for making the production line leaner. For those of you who don’t know what a kitting area is. Well, it’s that area where all the items coming from the suppliers are stored. The items are unpacked at the kitting area and sorted before placing them on the kitting carts. The main purpose of the kitting cart is collecting all the parts required for any particular process and takes them to the place of production. Moreover, they are also used for assembling the products completely. These carts are constructed with custom slots for different kinds of components. This makes the users work a lot more easily. The kitting carts are very much beneficial as they nicely distribute all the components required at the production without interrupting the workflow. Due to the existence of the kitting carts, all the parts which are needed for any task are within easy reach. Due to this, the employees working at the production line saves a lot of their time which would have otherwise being wasted if they would have to unpack the components.

Tuggable carts

A huge manufacturing plant often requires moving massive volumes of products and parts from one place to the other. Therefore, the invention of tuggable carts has made this work easy. They are built with a kind of system which allows moving the components easily without even increasing the traffic in the warehouse. The best thing about tuggable carts is that you can have special parts on the structures for connecting and dragging up to 6 carts simultaneously. This facility optimizes the movements on the production floor. However, you need to ensure that you are using the right machinery while pulling a cart train.

Work in Progress carts

Work in Progress carts also known as WIP carts are the best one for moving the goods in progress from one work station to the other one. They are also used for moving the products from the station to the work in progress rack which is located in the holding area. You can customize the structures of these carts for holding the products at any of the stages of the process. If you are providing equipments which are specially made for the particular task then you are actually reducing the amount of errors made by the employees. In the long run, the work in progress cart reduces over stock as well as saves floor space.

Warehouse picking carts

The warehouse picking carts are used mostly in manufacturing plants. You would find the most uncommon dimensions and shapes in these types of carts. Sometimes, the order picker needs to move through a very narrow alley or optimize the picking of the parts having odd shapes. So, the warehouse picking carts would be the best thing for them. They are designed and built in such a way that it would adapt to your environment. They have several configurations present in them as there are several components in the plants.

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